It's okay not to be okay. Just know that even when you're not okay, you're still loved, valued, and beautiful.

Grey Bandit does not just promote clothing, but a lifestyle of wellness and positive vibes. We understand that truly exuding beauty on the outside must come from a place of authentic confidence within. We also understand that this confidence isn't attainable for most young women. Most people in our lives have grappled with anxiety and depression on some scale: whether it be spouts of it here and there, something a little more long-winded, or a clinical diagnosis.

We, the founders of Grey Bandit, have personal experience on the battlegrounds of anxiety and depression. We know how crippling and lonely it feels. Our ultimate purpose of this platform is to break the stigma that usually accompanies mental illness: we want to build the community that we wish was available for us in our previous times of struggle.

Grey Bandit is not just your cute online clothing boutique, but also a medium to spread a deeper message. 30% of net proceeds for any item purchased in our Ride The Wave Collection will be donated to various mental health organizations we value and support. 

Explore our site, shop 'til you drop, share your story on our social media platforms and keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come. This is only the beginning for Grey Bandit. Let’s dress well, spread love, and empower each other!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255