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Monthly Spotlight June 2022: Asian Mental Health Project (AMHP)

Monthly Spotlight June 2022: Asian Mental Health Project (AMHP)

By Michelle Lunger

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month last month, we decided to donate and give the next spotlight to The Asian Mental Health Project (AMHP). AMHP is a non-profit organization that provides “digestible and tangible” resources to support the AAPI community and to make mental health resources more accessible. They not only share resources, but share like-minded events, weekly check-ins, and special projects to strengthen the AAPI community and open-up the dialogue for mental health. “In many Asian American communities, and in the greater American population, there exists a general lack of knowledge about mental health and mental illnesses. Because many of the symptoms of suffering are “invisible,” it is often harder for mental illnesses to be acknowledged. There is a misconception that struggling with mental health is a choice or a sign of weakness. We are here to dispel this belief and provide resources that are accessible to all!” Just like AMHP, we believe in trying to break the barriers and misconceptions towards mental health and mental illness. As many of us at RTW struggle with mental health and/or mental illness we know that it can be difficult, but our difficulties have helped us draw strength to push through our daily lives. Join us, as we not only support The Asian Mental Health Project, but the AAPI community in general by “educating, empowering, and advocating” for mental health and mental illness. You are not alone. 


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