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Grey Bandit
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A safe space to share our mental health journeys, bring awareness to all forms of mental health and cultivate community.

Normalizing mental health and wellness so no one feels misunderstood or alone again.


Provide a safe space to share personal experiences;
Grow a like-minded, supportive community;
Bring awareness to mental health and wellness;
Highlight all forms of mental illnesses;
Provide resources for those seeking professional help

“There will always be ups and downs throughout your journey. Ride the wave and keep going.”

How It All Began

Hi everyone! Lindsey and Courtney here, Co-Founders of Ride the Wave and Grey Bandit, and sisters (two of the three peas in a pod since we’re triplets)! In August 2017, we launched our clothing boutique, Grey Bandit, with an initiative to raise awareness for something close to our hearts - mental health and mental illness. At the time, we were recent college graduates with no real experience or understanding of how we would start our own business, but thankfully, we continued to push forward, and here we are!

Our goal of this blog is to expand our mental health initiative started with Grey Bandit, but also to create a safe space and community where we can openly and honestly share our experiences with you in hopes of helping you with yours. We hope to be a friend, a sister, or even a confidant! We want to normalize “uncomfortable” conversations and reduce the stigmas associated with mental health and mental illness. It is okay not to be okay - remember that you are still loved, valued, and beautiful.