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Monthly Spotlight June 2023: Born This Way Foundation

Monthly Spotlight June 2023: Born This Way Foundation

By Michelle Lunger

In honor of Pride month this June, we chose to highlight the Born This Way Foundation. The Born This Way Foundation was co-founded and is currently led by Mental Health and LGBTQ+ philanthropist and activist, Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta. They support the mental health of young people and work to build a “kinder and braver world.” To do this, they provide high-impact programming, youth-led conversations, and like-minded partnerships. Overall, the foundation aims to prioritize and validate the emotions and mental health of young people while working towards ending the current stigma of mental health. In lieu of their programming and partnerships, Born This Way Foundation connects youth with resources and services to support their mental health. Their new book, Channel Kindness offers readers “Stories of Kindness and Community within a collection of inspirational stories written by young people as well as personal notes of empowerment from Lady Gaga. These storytellers share how they felt, created safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, and embraced kindness with every fiber of their being by helping others without the expectation of anything in return.” We are continually amazed and empowered by the work they do and continue to do to make the youth feel included, supported, and validated. Join us as we support the Born This Way Foundation in their mission to spread kindness, build community, and better the mental and emotional health of young people- including LGBTQ+ youth. 

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