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Monthly Spotlight November 2022: Project Healthy Minds

Monthly Spotlight November 2022: Project Healthy Minds

By Michelle Lunger

For our November spotlight we chose to highlight Project Healthy Minds. Project Healthy Minds is a nonprofit dedicated to confront “one of the defining issues of our generation: the mental health crisis.” To do this, they plan on filling in the current gaps of mental health treatment by focusing on the barriers that prevent people from getting support. They recognize that many are not getting the help they need so they are in the works of building a technology that makes finding support easier, more accessible, and efficient; which are some of the common barriers that prevent people from seeking the help they need. To put this into perspective, around 60% of people do not get the mental health services they need and go untreated. As depression and mental health conditions skyrocket, people are going periods of time after they exhibit symptoms with no help. To lead people into the right direction Project Healthy Minds is opening up the dialogue for mental health to help end the stigma that surrounds it. They are also “re-framing the mental health crisis as an economic and business imperative” by prioritizing mental health in the workplace. Overall, Project Healthy Minds is actively trying to fill the gaps in mental health care by first talking about it, recognizing it, and acting upon it. Those are key factors for change. And things do need to change, especially to better the state of mental health in general. Join us as we support Project Healthy Minds and their cause to change mental health for good! 

Need help now? Text 741741 for free 24/7 crisis counseling (US only)

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