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A New Beginning for Ride The Wave

A New Beginning for Ride The Wave

By Michelle Lunger

First off, if you’re new here, welcome! We are so excited to have you on this ride with us. We wanted to give a little refresher regarding Ride The Wave, which is our mental health blog. In 2020, we created Ride The Wave as our mental health initiative to help out the mental health community. Inspired by our own journeys with mental health and mental illness, we wanted to remind others that they are not alone on their journey. We drew inspiration from life’s ups and downs and acknowledged that healing comes in waves. It’s also a saying we’ve heard or used in our own therapy sessions. So we decided to name our initiative Ride The Wave. Since the start of Grey Bandit in 2017, it has always been our mission to raise awareness for mental health and mental illness. When we created Ride The Wave, we didn’t have the means to incorporate the blog seamlessly with our Grey Bandit website. We are now so excited to announce that four years later we have not only rebranded Ride The Wave, but it is now officially  integrated with our Grey Bandit website! With the new re-launch, we aimed to make the blog as accessible as possible for both our Grey Bandit and Ride The Wave communities.You can now switch between the blog and website seamlessly! You can access Ride The Wave content, blog posts, mental health-related resources, and shop merch through Grey Bandit’s web page!

Ultimately, our mission is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, provide resources, and create a safe space for all. At RTW, we recognize that there can be so much power in support and community. So we wanted to create a community where others can feel safe, seen, heard, and understood, as much as possible. 

In the meantime, stay tuned for new content, blog posts, events, campaigns, and more! This is only the beginning. RIDE THE WAVE and keep going!